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2:55 pm

Tourlou Portokalenio

Vegetables in Orange-Tomato Sauce served with Kaseri (P.D.O. Cheese from Sohos)!!!

Dinner served by Morning Tales (by…

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4:21 pm


Pork and Potatoes in the oven with Greek Spices Mix (Oregano, Thyme, Savoury, Lemon-Pepper and…

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4:19 pm


Spinach-Chickpeas Salad with “Maisio” (May Goat Cheese) and Balsamic-Mustard-Olive Oil Dressing!!!

Dinner is ready. By Morning…

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4:04 pm

Himoniatikes Kardies (Winter Hearts)…

Chicken Hearts with Leek and Carrots in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Onion Stew /…

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